Translation & creative linguistic design services Co. Ltd.
The company was named ’WordShop” referring to the notions of manufacturing and sales of translation products - words in our very case. Yes, we sell letters, words, sentences, spaces and characters of texts translated from one to another of all foreign languages. Obviously, they will not be offered for buying individually. They will be sold as parts of units created in the translators’ workshop and our clients will use them with the aim to convey important messages from the base to their required target languages.

As in most workshops, translation related products – translated/proof-read texts in our case – for everyday use are made and sold in our shop as well. They are for use in the various practical fields of business, industry, science, logistics, finance, legal issues etc. both in writing and speech. However, one should not forget about those forums, at which written and spoken expression is more demanding in terms of the time spent, the effort made and poesy required (they may include creative product introductions spiced with extraordinary wording or image-expressing written texts to draw attention).

All the professional translators and co-workers of WordShop have been performing for years – some of them for decades – to prove they are capable of meeting even extreme demands in their fields of profession.   
We will be happy to make you certain of these capacities!

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