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appliance repair forums Keep the faith and continue doing the right things during these early days, and you will succeed!Hi, i’ve been planing on starting my own repair comapany, but a lot goes into mind about what i need. I’ve been a technician for 3 yrs now and i’ve worked on all brands including high end units. Questions i have is that do you need to have insurance, license, permits etc to start?What are the must haves to start?Regarding tools, that i have. Advertising i could do and understand. I have had a few cust. that have my number to contact me direct in the future. I guess down to the point is that the knowledge and confidence to do the the job i have. The paperwork side is what i need to understand, can you please help me?Thank youI had a comment on here that u replied to and the I replied today. But I cant seem to find it. Ive been okay since I started about 2 months about. Making just enough money to keep the business bills paid.

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General liability covers a slew of areas, such as completed operations, premises liability, and products liability.

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If the noise sounds like a high pitched squeak, the problem could be the idler pulley, which keeps tension on the belt that turns the drum. Verdict: Have a pro do the repair. Either fix should cost $125 to $175. It could be: A coin or a toy lodged in the motor. If the drum can turn, there are bigger problems. Verdict: It depends. Fixing a jam costs $85 to $150. com to download the manuals of many models for free. Keep in mind that the latest appliances are more energy efficient. By buying a new model, you may reduce your energy consumption. You can also try repairclinic.